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I am a 26-year-old single mom. My 3-year-old daughter is the most amazing human being I've ever known, and I love her to pieces.

We currently live in the city I grew up in, Baltimore. I love it here, but desire change. Life's changing a lot lately, and it's scary, but exciting.

I have a Master's in English, and a Bachelor's in Literature. You may have guessed: I like books. I also love writing, and hope to start using this journal to improve this skill.

In lieu of more boring paragraphs, here are eleven random facts about me. Eleven is a good number, I think.

  • I adore thunderstorms, and walking in the rain
  • I could get lost in the smell of fresh spices
  • I am legally blind in my left eye
  • My favorite color is bright sunshiney orange
  • I have an unnatural love for adorable socks
  • I feel a spiritual attachment to sharks
  • My favorite tree is the Brunswick fig
  • I have never smoked, or done an illegal drug
  • I decorate with holiday lights year-round
  • My hair has been every color of the rainbow
  • I love semi-colons; I think they're beautiful

    This journal is my alter-ego, created for the sake of posting public entries. If you'd like to friend me on my personal, friends-only journal, comment here.